Pa'l Patio: Curated by Tiffany Alfonseca

11 February - 2 April 2022

Calderón is pleased to present Pa’l Patio, a group exhibition curated by visual artist Tiffany Alfonseca, featuring the work of seven contemporary artists: José Morbán, Raelis Vasquez, Delvin Lugo, Bony Ramirez, Devin Osorio, Diego Espaillat, and Kenny Rivero. The exhibition is Alfonseca’s second in an ongoing effort to explore the evolving cultural identity of the Dominican and Caribbean diaspora and its members’ connection with the geographic location of their forefathers. Through portraiture and references to history, culture, and politics, the works in the exhibition tell stories that reflect each artist’s unique and sometimes complex connection with the Dominican Republic.

Pa’l Patio is a Spanish colloquialism which translates literally to “to the yard” but is generally used to indicate going home—where “home” could be the place where one lives or the homeland that one feels connected to through family or cultural heritage.


“Pa’l Patio brings together a group of male artists from the Dominican Republic and its diaspora, gathering their experiences with Dominican culture through the lens of masculinity. Each artist in the show has their own individual perspective on DR culture and this presentation touches upon sexuality, fluidity, masculinity, cultural practices, and political views.”

— Tiffany Alfonseca